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Determining the value of a cell tower is a complicated process. Whether you are evaluating the current value of an older tower or a potential value of new one, there are several factors to consider. You may need to review local zoning laws, consider the density of local towers in your area, and aggressively negotiating with a property owner or wireless provider to ensure a fair deal. This requires years of expertise and the due diligence to consider all consequences of a lease or acquisition.

If you need legal guidance on how to value and appraise a cell tower, reach out to us at Welsh Law, LLC. Our founding attorney has over two decades of experience in wireless telecommunication law and has a thorough understanding of how complex these cases can be. He can sit down with you in a free initial consultation, explain how to begin determining the value of a cell tower or lease, and outline the next steps in your legal dispute or appraisal. Call us at (720) 836-1777 to discuss your case in a free consultation.

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Understanding the Value of a Cell Tower

The value of a cell tower can vary drastically depending on several factors. Most falsely assume its value begins and ends with the real estate is occupies and the equipment it uses, but wireless cell towers play an active role in telecommunication networks, local and state economies, and new infrastructure. In the long-term an old or new cell tower can provide a steady flow of profits to both property owners and providers. When determining one’s value, it is important to consider how its value can grow or depreciate over time.

Zoning laws and local competition can also directly or indirectly influence a tower’s value. In areas with restrictive zoning laws, it may be difficult for new towers to be constructed, increasing the value of local real estate. However, areas with less restrictive laws may result in more competition between property owners, and a wireless provider may have several options for where to place a new tower.

It is important to have a skilled telecommunication attorney look over any contract or lease agreement before signing anything. The true value of a cell tower is in its potential for growth, and Welsh Law, LLC can accurately determine a tower’s value to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Factors to Consider in an Appraisal

When appraising the value of a cell tower, whether it is an old tower or a new one in development, its value may change depending on:

  • Current technology and equipment in use at the tower
  • Local zoning laws
  • Population density
  • Real estate value
  • Age of the tower
  • Location relative to other towers
  • Structural capacity and integrity of the tower
  • Ground space
  • Competition

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What Welsh Law, LLC Can Do for You

Accurately calculating the value of a cell tower site is just the first step to preparing for a lease agreement or construction. Even after determining a fair value for a cell site, property owners may still need to negotiate lease agreements and ensure that they are receiving fair deals from providers. If you go into a valuation, appraisal, or negotiation without strong legal representation, you may end up receiving an unfair deal.

At Welsh Law, LLC, our Colorado wireless telecommunications lawyer understands how complicated an appraisal can be, but he also understands how get clients the best deal possible. With over 20 years in the industry under his belt, Patrick F. Welsh has negotiation excellent deals between providers and property owners, including deals with income rates well above the national average. To learn how we can represent you in a lease agreement, call us at (720) 836-1777 and get a free consultation.

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