The Advantages of Strong Legal Representation

If you have faced legal issues with complying with local, state, or federal telecommunications laws in Colorado, you should only trust your case to a lawyer who specializes in this field. At Welsh Law, LLC, our lead attorney has overseen complex wireless telecommunication cases throughout the country. Whether you need assistance with leasing, acquisitions, or dispositions of telecommunications properties as a property owner, we can use our more than 20 years of experience to explain your options. Call Welsh Law, LLC, today at (720) 836-1777 to get started on your case.

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Types of Cases We Handle

Welsh Law, LLC,’s Telecommunications Practice has assisted the nation's leading carriers, along with landowners, building owners, and tower companies work through myriad regulatory and business obstacles to advance into one of the most critical segments of the economy. Whether you are unsure about how to comply with local ordinances or need representation in an application appeal, Welsh Law, LLC, has the expertise you need to get your business back on track. The laws surrounding wireless telecommunications are complex, and a single simple mistake could jeopardize your agreements, delay construction, and lead to serious penalties. It is important to review all documents, agreements, contracts, and ordinances with a wireless telecommunications attorney before agreeing to something you are unsure of.

We regularly counsel our clients regarding:

Telecommunications Legal Assistance for Facilities Based Providers

Welsh Law, LLC, assists facility-based telecommunications carriers by:

  • Assisting with regulatory filings to remain compliant
  • Negotiating and drafting franchises for access to local rights-of-way or assisting with permitting in those states that have “eliminated” telecommunications franchising
  • Drafting and negotiating easements/servitudes for crossing public and private property
  • Negotiating and administering construction contracts
  • Providing assistance and guidance in permitting processes

Legal Counsel for Wireless Carriers and Antenna Site Operators

Welsh Law, LLC, is committed to providing clients with the most up to date telecommunications law and regulatory information. Mr. Welsh has provided regulatory counseling to the nation's leading wireless carriers to ensure efficient compliance with government regulations and also private companies and individuals for their land or buildings.

Our firm can provide invaluable legal representation in issues regarding wireless carriers and antenna site operators, including:

  • Legal counsel regarding site acquisition, construction and management companies for administrative, transactional and litigation matters
  • Assistance with all phases of wireless operations, to include site acquisition and construction, and operations and management
  • Support throughout transactions related to the purchase and lease of antenna sites for both freestanding towers and the placement of equipment on rooftops and water towers
  • Negotiation services for leases involving private properties and publicly owned sites
  • Obtaining access easements for utilities
  • Assistance when resolving environmental concerns, including Section 106 approvals, and obtaining FAA approvals for towers

Telecom & Zoning

Welsh Law, LLC, has extensive experience handling wireless telecommunication related zoning issues before local governmental entities and participation in the zoning approval process for the placement of specific wireless telecommunication towers and antennas on public and private property.

Whether you need a legal problem resolved, regulatory assistance, or a consultation, contact us today to benefit from our many years of experience in the industry.

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State and Federal Telecommunication Laws

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 broadly defines the laws surrounding wireless telecommunication in the United States in order to regulate competition between companies. This law grants a large amount of authority to local and state governments to regulate telecommunication companies, but it does grant businesses some protections. Among these are rules that prohibit states, counties, and cities from unfairly discriminating against telecommunications companies, businesses, and providers, or outright prohibiting providers from doing business.

Here in Colorado, HB17-1193 also outlines the guidelines for requesting a permit to install a small cell facility within the state. If you operate a business that wishes to install a wireless infrastructure or tower on your property, you will need to comply with these procedures before moving forward with construction, maintenance, or operations, and our firm can guide you through this process to ensure your permit is processed properly.

Mr. Welsh possesses significant government, policy, and litigation experience and understands the legal, technical, and operational issues wireless companies and private individuals face today. Mr. Welsh previously served in management, acquisition and zoning positions within telecommunications companies, and knows the key industry and government players and understands how decisions are made.

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Trust in More Than 20 Years of Experience

Complying with local, state, and federal laws surrounding wireless telecommunications requires an in-depth understanding of all regulations. Whether you are a Colorado small business owner who is in negotiations with a telecommunications company or need assistance applying for a small cell network permit, Welsh Law, LLC, can provide the legal expertise you need. Mr. Welsh has more than 20 years of experience representing clients in complex negotiations, permit appeals, and contract disputes. Call our Denver office today at (720) 836-1777 to learn how we can represent you.

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